Stimulus Check Update For The Residents Of Maine

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The rate of inflation is rising at a tremendous rate and the prices of the basic commodities went up which mostly consist of commodities needed in every household family. The common people must be immediately supported by the Government in order to tackle the problem of this inflation which is mostly caused because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, keeping all these in mind, the Government of Maine has launched a new stimulus check for the eligible residents of the state. 

A New Stimulus Check In Maine Worth $850 To Eligible Residents

As per this new policy, approximately 858,000 people will get this benefit from the state Government. The proposal of Janet Mills, the Governor of Maine was passed without any difficulty and the state will give back half the surplus budget this year to the residents who need financial assistance at this moment. A total of $729.3 million will be allotted for this nee stimulus check. 

The residents of Maine will be given a stimulus check worth $850 and as per the study, a total of 333,000 residents will be eligible for this check. As per the eligibility criteria, individuals must have filed their income tax returns for the year 2021. Though the last date of filing this return passed on 18th April, the date was extended till 3rd October. 

Moreover, for an individual, to be eligible for this stimulus check, the annual income must be less than $100,000. Similarly, the heads of families must have an annual income of less than $150,000 and joint filers must earn less than $200,000. This surprise stimulus check policy came because there was a surplus budget in the state of $1.2 billion. 

The State Government declared that the stimulus checks will be in the houses of the residents by the month of June. There will be more than one round in which these payments will be distributed throughout this year.