Stimulus Check Update In The State Of Colorado

The Federal Government of America has decided to not distribute another stimulus check payment to the citizens in this hard time when the rate of inflation is rising daily and prices of basic commodities like gas, and medicines have also increased. However, one Governor from the Democrats has recently declared that legislation will be passed soon which will provide direct payments to the citizens on a fast-track policy. 

Colorado Governor Wants To Distribute A Stimulus Check Worth $400

Jared Polis, the Governor of Colorado, proposed a Colorado Cashback program, where the legislature of the state will give a stimulus check of $400 to all the residents of the state who will be eligible. This proposal was made just because the inflation rate was rising all over and the Labor Department showed a report that inflation rose by 8.5% this year as compared to the last year. This rate is recorded to be the highest in 40 years. 

In the words of Polis, the common people have no choice and they have to buy the necessities of life by paying more every day. As these people are not responsible for the sudden rise in the cost of living, the Government instead of keeping all the surplus money decided to give it back to the residents.

These checks will be given to those who will file their income tax return for the year 2021 by 31st May. This proposal was appreciated by Daneya Esgar, the leader of the Majority Party, who stated that the refund to every diligent taxpayer is the best solution to assist the middle and poor-class people. 

This stimulus check would provide an amount of $400 to an individual and $800 to married couples who would file jointly. This legislation, if passed, will provide the direct payment by 15th September. The eligible families or individuals will get the check directly by post.