Stimulus Check Update: Petitions Receiving Signatures Constantly

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

One of the stimulus check petitions that has been making the rounds calls for a payment of $2000 for adults and $1000 for children. As it stands, the last couple of years have been pretty tough for millions of Americans, what with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as the high inflationary pressures in the markets.

The Oval Office as well as Congress, however, have not been as attuned to the needs of the public now, as they were when the first wave of the pandemic hit. This resulted in them supporting the first three stimulus payments when the need was extremely dire.

Stimulus Check Petitions Have Been Receiving Major Traction 

However, a year after the third stimulus check payment was implemented by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, it seems that several Americans are still struggling to keep themselves afloat during the pandemic. This is precisely why there are currently no less than seven different stimulus payment petitions that have been calling for direct payments issued by the government. Undoubtedly, the six million cash-strapped Americans who have signed for this want their voices to be heard. 

The most popular stimulus check petition, launched by Stephanie Bonin, has called for Congress to swiftly issue out recurring payments of $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children under the pandemic ends completely. The petition states that most of the furloughed workers, laid-off workers, and the self-employed have been struggling to pay their rent as well as put food on their tables. 

Another stimulus check petition that has gained major traction has been orchestrated by the Senior Citizens League, which has urged Congress to approve a fourth round of Stimulus payments for those who receive Social Security Benefits.