Martin Bashir, The BBC Journalist, Resigns As His Princess-Diana-Interview Controversy Becomes More Vibrant

Martin Bashir
Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir, the journalist of one of the most popular news platforms, BBC, has resigned from his post. This decision comes as the network is looking forward to inquiring about one of the controversial interviews taken by him in the year 1995. This involves the British royal, late Princess Diana. The news of him leaving was given away by Jonathan Munro, the deputy director of the BBC channel this Friday through an email.

Martin Bashir Tricked Princess Diana?

The email sent by Jonathan Munro carried some details into the case. It was stated that the decision of Martin Bashir, from stepping down as the religion editor of the BBC channel, was communicated to them in the month of April. The news was broken prior to him getting his heart surgery done. Munro revealed that the health of the journalist is not at its best as of now. And the reason for him leaving is also because of his want to provide undivided attention towards health. It was also mentioned that the former religion editor had undergone one of his major surgeries in the month of December last year. 

It is the interview taken by Martin Bashir that the late princess revealed the secrets of her marriage with her husband, Prince Charles, to the entire world. The fact was revealed that her husband was having an affair with another woman. The name of the interview was “Panorama.” She also revealed that this is the reason why Queen Elizabeth issued an order with regard to the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It said that she should divorce. It was in 2020 that the 58-year-old Martin Bashir was accused of manipulating the late princess into attending his interview. It was stated that he showed some bank statements to Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, which were fake.