US Naval Presence Angers North Korea: Launches Missile Towards South Korea

North Korea

North Korea has fired missiles aimed at South Korea, angered by US-South Korea military drills near its border. A couple of missiles fell into the sea close to its southern neighbor even as it vowed to mercilessly retaliate even as South Korea and America kicked off joint military exercises.

The military regime of North Korea has denounced the move and termed it as being recklessly confrontational. This sharp surge in tension is a regular occurrence coinciding with the annual military drill between the two allies.

The missile firing by the North Koreans is being seen as a prelude to an intensive campaign of hawkish posturing. Experts say that if there is an intensely sharp escalation, it could lead to some form of clash in the maritime border.

North Korea Also Sent A Strong Message Along With Its Missile Launches

The missile firing was followed by a stern warning from the dictatorship-led country, which is a nuclear power. The North Korean People’s Army (LPA) has warned that the reckless moves by the US and South Korea would bring the two nations closer to war.

The defense ministry of South Korea has claimed that the two tactical ballistic missiles came close and fell off the east coast at a distance of close to 310 miles.

The North Koreans are prohibited from testing any ballistic missiles by United Nations resolutions and the South Koreans say that the action by Pyongyang appears intent on provoking a security crisis.

The South Koreans have vowed to respond both strongly and sternly to what it claims was a deliberate provocation. The Japanese government has also issued a strong protest to the North Koreans as the missile launches pose a grave danger to shipping and aviation.

The country has, in the past too, expressed its displeasure and anger by firing missiles directed at South Korea for what it said was the confrontational behavior of its neighbor.