Stimulus Check Update: States Sending Out Payments

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Stimulus Check

Although most of the plans for an additional stimulus check funds to help the American public have fallen flat in Congress, that is not the end of it. Close to eight states have already decided to provide additional financial help to those citizens who would need it the most in the aftermath of the global pandemic. This financial help would be coming in different forms, which could take the form of gas cards to payments that would dull the brunt of severely high fuel costs as well as tax rebates, tax credits, and cash payments. 

Some States Could Be Receiving A Stimulus Check Payment

It was recently reported on quite a few programs that many states were already implementing help for their residents. While most of the programs don’t really have any income caps that are needed for qualification, it does mean that every resident in the state would be able to take advantage of the extra money in the form of stimulus check payments. 

In the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom did propose the issuing of debit cards to drivers, which would be pre-loaded with $400 intended for gas. Most of the households would be receiving one gas card per car, with a limit of around two cards per household- as reported by Kelley Blue Book. If the legislation does pass in the California Senate, the stimulus check cards would be issued from July. 

In the state of Georgia, the residents could be receiving a tax rebate for the tax returns of both 2020 and 2021, all due to a tax surplus within the state. Incidentally, single filers as well as those who are married would be receiving a sum of $250 if they filed separately. Heads of households will receive a stimulus check payment of $375, while married couples will see a payment of $500 in their bank accounts deposited by the state

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