Premier League Clash- Arsenal Flops Yet Again

Premier League
Premier League

The latest Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester City had just a couple of positives for Arsenal TD Mikel Arteta. While many had thought that the margin would be hugely in favor of the juggernaut from Manchester, the match was in fact decided in a couple of minutes, when Arsenal decided to stop playing like the Invincibles, and more like a bottom-placed Championship team.

The bad news, on the other hand, is that a couple of minutes in question were filled with mistakes which do point out that for all the progress Arsenal has made as a collective unit, they still need to go a long way towards smoothing out their individual errors- which remain quite a character to this mercurial side, as seen in this Premier League game.

Premier League Follies- Arsenal Falters Again

In hindsight, one could almost argue that a couple of mistakes in the Premier League 2-1 defeat to Manchester City wasn’t even their fault entirely. This was a game that would definitely stoke the heat on the debate about how far is VAR reliable, specifically as to why referee Stuart Attwell was asked to peek at Granit Xhaka’s second-half challenge on Bernardo Silva at the touchline monitor, and not the previous tackle of Ederson on Martin Odegaard. While both were penalties, only one of them was sent up for review. 

The Premier League match did have a couple of positives for the Arsenal team. They were quite good until the 57th minute. Bukayo Saka had given them a lead just around the half-time mark, with Kieran Tierney completing the sweeping move with a left-footed hit from 14 yards. But soon, they went back to their old failures which allowed City to capitalize.