Stimulus Check Updates- States Planning To Give Out Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

With the destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the government had decided to issue stimulus check payments to American workers and businesses. Throughout the pandemic, it did appear that the government would prolong its money-minting- in an effort to ensure that the economy stayed afloat for as long as humanly possible.

Now, despite several mask requirements and travel restrictions having been put in place, the United States economy did recover pretty rapidly. This led to an increase in levels of inflation that had not been seen previously. This again resulted in states issuing out their stimulus money to help those in need.

Stimulus Check Payments Put In The Place By States

Between March 2020 and February 2022, the US government had gone ahead and injected close to $5 trillion in stimulus check money into the American economy. Around $1.8 trillion was distributed to families and individuals, out of which $1.7 trillion was used as stimulus check payments to businesses. In contrast, the appetite of the federal government for providing more direct aid seemed to be decreasing in nature.

State governments, therefore, have been taking advantage of the absence of the federal government and have started issuing stimulus check payments of their own. Some of the states have definitely started making major attempts to help their inhabitants- even if they didn’t go all the way. 

The last two years have seen California having a budget surplus- with the inhabitants of the state relishing the rewards. The early part of 2022 had definitely seen households receiving direct stimulus check funds, and in 2022 Governor Newsom had proposed issuing debit cards with a value of $400 that would offset the rise in gas prices.