Stimulus Check Payments- Delaware And Colorado Have Approved Payments

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Stimulus Check

With no effort made by the federal government to issue stimulus check payments to the citizens, the states have started taking matters into their own hands. Ten states have decided to send one-time payments to the taxpayers in the next few months. Unlike quite a few pandemic measures, these payments have been much more targeted with considerably lower amounts of money.

This does not mean that the governments have started pushing out less money for their own nefarious purposes. Rather, it would be more about helping Americans deal with the rise in prices without worsening the inflationary scenarios. 

Stimulus Check Payment To Be Issued In States

Back in March, Representatives John Larson, Mike Thomspon, and Lauren Underwood had decided to introduce the Gas Rebate Act of 2022. While the Act is still in its early stages, the Act would regularly be sending energy rebate payments of around $100 every month to most of the eligible taxpayers, while offering an additional amount of $100 per dependent as stimulus check money. 

It is being assumed that the stimulus check payments would be structured quite similarly to the previous payments. Married filers who will be filing jointly with incomes of around $150,000, and single filers having an annual income of up to $75,000 would be receiving the full amount, with levels getting phased out for higher incomes. It is being assumed that the legislation would definitely have to make its way through Congress before any payments could begin.

The state of Colorado has developed its intentions of sending stimulus check payments of around $500 to its taxpayers for the year. This was signed into a bill by Governor Jared Polis back in May. In May, Delaware began issuing their relief rebate payments of around $300 to taxpayers who had filed their tax returns for 2020.