Stimulus Check 2022: When Will It Arrive

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

More than 23 M residents of California are expected to receive Stimulus Checks from the state, to help combat Inflation. The State initiated a Middle-Class Tax Refund through which the stimulus check would be offered to its residents. It had its own eligibility criteria, if met by the residents, would make them eligible to receive stimulus checks. The residents can expect anything between $200 to $1050 depending on their filing status. And proof of residency for a minimum period of 6 months.

The State of California has started issuing stimulus Checks beginning in October. The initial payments of about 2.1 M were issued to several families living in California. They were directly credited to the bank accounts of the residents. The process is still on and many of the residents who still have not received their stimulus checks are left pondering as to when they would receive them. 

Stimulus Check: When Can I Expect Mine To Arrive?

As per the Franchise Tax Board of California, sources, for residents who opted for direct deposit, stimulus checks have already been sent to them and it has been sent to 700 K residents. For those who have not received the checks will be sent out weekly and they are not to panic.

The state officials are targeting to reach out to 10 M families, next week, to deliver the stimulus check payments.

The state plans to reach out to the residents who opted for the Golden State Stimulus and would receive their relief payment between Oct 7 and  25.

Between Oct 28 to Nov 14, residents who have filed their tax returns with FTB will receive the relief payment.

Residents who opted for relief money to be sent through the mail should receive their debit card latest by Dec 10.

Residents who have applied for relief and applications of such residents have been approved by the state will receive their payment by Jan 2023.