Stimulus Checks 2022: Are You Eligible?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

To help combat the Inflation, and Financial difficulties which came along into the lives of American citizens, several states have begun issuing stimulus checks. 

As the lives of the citizens turned into chaos during the pandemic, with unemployment hitting an all-time high, people were left struggling to make ends meet. The Federal Govt. stepped in and offered relief to its citizens, they have since then issued three stimulus checks. 

The inflation and the ever-rising cost of living people are struggling to pay for the bare essentials. The cost of gas and food is on the rise making it very difficult for people. Many States have stepped in to bring some relief to their residents. 

Stimulus Checks Offered By States To Its Residents

many States have come forward with different packages to help out their residents with stimulus checks. Some States have been discussed briefly.

California: Residents of California who have filed their Tax Returns by 15Oct.2021 for the financial year 2020. Individuals, who have earned less than USD 250K and married couples filing jointly should not exceed more than USD 500K. And they should have resided in the state for at least 6 months in 2020. They will be eligible to receive a refund between USD 200 to USD 1050.

Colorado: Residents of Colorado, who are above 18 years, have resided in the State continuously through 2021, and have filed their income tax return or have applied for a PTC refund will be eligible. The individual filers and joint filers can expect to receive USD 750 to USD 1500 respectively. 

Florida: Children and families in financial need will receive a one-time payment of USD 450. Florida state has specifically designed this program for children who live in foster care.

Hawaii: Residents of Hawaii who have filed their tax returns for 2021, by December 31, qualify to receive a refund between USD 100 and USD 300 per person depending on the income of the filer.