Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez Shares The Table

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has previously cleared the cloud by focusing on the positivity regarding the hate she received till now for marrying Justin Bieber. On the Call Her Daddy podcast, she shared that there is truth, but people ain’t ready to hear that. However, she indirectly said how she met Justin and how things unfold that led to marriage.

Hailey Bieber Posed For A Photo With Selena Gomez

There has always been a vague scenario regarding Hailey and Selena’s dynamics involving Justin Bieber as Selena and Justin have been in a relationship on and off for ten years and then they were last seen together in March 2018, and Hailey Bieber and Justin got married in September.

Hailey has made this pretty clear that Justin was separated from Selena at the time they started seeing each other. And skillfully Selena and Hailey put an end to the feud rumor that has been going on for years now, they posed for photos at the Academy Museum Gala, and every rumor was sent down the drain by these two beautiful young women. They knocked down the negativity with highly intelligent positivity.

Not only Hailey but Selena also received a lot of hatred from the fans after Hailey and Justin got married. Hailey Bieber received comments like stealing Justin from Selena. and there are fans who never really liked Selena and Justin being together and showered their hatred saying ‘she deserves this.

When being asked about the gala Hailey showed only a positive point of view towards Selena nothing else and she even further added ‘it all love and respect, ‘ she doesn’t owe me anything, none of us owe anything to anyone”.

Hailey Bieber respects Selena as an artist and a ‘kind’ person she is, and there is no hatred towards each other, she made that pretty clear. She even mentioned that she has been in contact with Selena post-marriage to Justin and there is no ‘bad blood’  between them. Selena protecting Hailey’s image said that the way fans talked to her is ‘disgusting’ and ‘cruel’ no one should talk in that manner.

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