Stimulus Check Worth $3,284 Received By Several Americans This Month

Stimulus check
Stimulus Check

Americans have been fighting inflation where most had to eat into their savings or take debt from credit cards. They received no federal aid for basic amenities like food and medicines. Although the US economy remained stable with their job market strong, living costs skyrocketed. Unemployment stimulus checks were rampant but the situation has turned for the worse recently. 

Few states of the US have positively responded by providing extra stimulus checks to cope with inflation. One specific state is sending their residents $3,284 amount of stimulus checks to eligible people. 

The Alaskan Stimulus Check-in Time Of Need 

The residents of Alaska have been very satisfied since they regularly receive dividends from their oil wealth fund. On the other hand, lately, they are thrilled to get an additional $3,284 stimulus check. Only eligible residents will receive this money during this September month. 

This stimulus amount has been possible from the excess fund and the state is utilizing it to help their residents struggling with inflation. Since food is expensive, the state decided to help its people in times of need. 

State Aid During Inflation 

Along with Alaska, 21 other states are also planning on sending extra stimulus aid as a one-time help. This stimulus money is mainly to help the citizens stay afloat during a time of inflation. 

Federal Reserve also promised to hike interest rates to encourage borrowing and reduce expenditure. Eligible residents of Alaska can expect their stimulus by 20th September. Through direct deposit. Nonetheless, those sent through the mail might receive them by 3rd October. 

The lawmakers of Alaska have been demanding $5,500 for their residents this year. Unfortunately, after long a negotiation process, the amount reached $3,284 which is also a pretty good amount in comparison to no stimulus check at all. It seems Alaskan people are happy.

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