Jeopardy! Masters Has A New Winner

Mayim Bialik Jeopardy

James Holzhauer is the winner of “Jeopardy! Masters.”

The “Jeopardy! Masters” tournament’s self-described “villain” was declared the winner on Wednesday’s edition.

The three-week-long, rigorous event was won by Holzhauer, 38, after he outwitted Mattea Roach, 24, and Matt Amodio, 32, who finished second and third, respectively.

The first-ever Trebek Trophy as well as the $500,000 big prize went to the professional sports bettor.

Jeopardy! Masters Reveals New Winner In A Nail-Biting Finale

The Las Vegas nonprofit Project 150, which assists high school students with unstable housing, received $100,000 from “Jeopardy!” as well.

Holzhauer was informed by host Ken Jennings that the other contestants stressed him out to the breaking point because of their false conflict with the champion.

The 49-year-old Jennings congratulated the winner, saying, “You are our first-ever ‘Jeopardy! Masters’ champion.”

The Illinois native turned to acknowledge his rivals after the race and thanked them for a job well done. Roach, who had lost her father earlier this month, was informed by Holzhauer, “You performed brilliantly, and your dad is incredibly proud of you. Your mother, too.

The Post contacted Holzhauer for a response. When the Washington native and Holzhauer both participated in the “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time” competition in 2020, they developed a rivalry. Holzhauer made his television debut on the game show in 2019.

In the end, Jennings prevailed, leaving Holzhauer desiring a rematch.

When James Holzhauer criticized him for “ducking a rematch,” the game show said, “You know the amount of work I had to put in to make it all the way to where I am at this podium and avoid playing you again, James.”

The two eventually engaged in steamy nerd flirting after Jennings made a joke about calling Holzhauer “elegantly sensuous but full of beautiful terror.”

Ken, keep it in your pants, Holzhauer said. Roach erupted in laughter at the sensual interaction. In a subsequent tweet, Holzhauer stated that “we actually had to stop taping so Ken could take a cold shower.”