Director Andy Muschietti Of The Flash Appreciates Ezra Miller

The Flash

The Flash director, Andy Muschietti has commented on American actor Ezra Miller praising him. Muschietti has called The Flash actor, one of his definitely best experiences with a film actor in his entire career. Muschietti further spoke on the podcast Crew Call hosted by Anthony D’Alessandro, speaking on the cast of The Flash, that he was aware of all the films he had seen with them. It was not until he met the cast that made him realize that they were brilliant comedians as well. 

Andy Muschietti said that there is a lot of vivacity and comedy in the plot of The Flash, there has been created an odd duo with old Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller, and the young one. Their differences are what makes the duo odd. Muschietti pointed out the depiction of each character and the ability to switch and transform into the other. 

Speaking on Miller, Muschietti has stated that over the years, Miller has been an actor who was obscure, as the actors are doing independent films. Stressing on The Flash, Muschietti said that this is a film that highlights the performance ability of the actor.

The Flash Stars Big Celebs As The Film Earns Almost $ 75 Million

The Flash stars big Hollywood names such as Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman among other notable stars. The film has already made almost $ 75 million in the home box office. In reviews, the film has secured a 73% rating by Rotten Tomatoes while IMBd has rated a whopping 10/10. Fans may watch the movie in the theaters now, while it will start streaming on HBO Max from September 16 of 2023. Talks of a sequel have already started, as Muschietti expects Miller to continue with his role.

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