Dan Crenshaw Has Blasted Marjorie Greene’s Childish Attacks

Dan Crenshaw
Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw, the Representative from Texas, recently criticized Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday for carrying out childish attacks. This came forth as the Representative was tired of Greene’s petulant behavior rather than offering legislation for anti-censorship.

These comments were made by Crenshaw on his official Instagram account where he wrote that Greene didn’t really want solutions nor would she care if she got censored. She just wanted to be a victim of the entire scene so that she could keep asking for more campaign donations. This was her scam, and nothing else. 

Dan Crenshaw Calls Marjorie Greene Out for her Petulance

Dan Crenshaw’s posts came after the congresswoman from Georgia was permanently banned from Twitter over the weekend for repeatedly and intentionally violating the policy of the platform against sharing misinformation regarding COVID-19. In a statement made on Sunday, Greene wrote about how Twitter was America’s greatest enemy as it couldn’t handle the truth- but that something she was fine with. In fact, she would be showing the entire country that it didn’t need social media platforms to defeat its enemies. 

With regards to this, Dan Crenshaw called out the lawmaker from Georgia for her comments regarding her suspension, where he suggested that instead of playing the victim card and inciting more outrage, she could maybe use her position as a lawmaker to pass legislation against censorship. He further stated that he had already gone through the hard work and all that was left now was to draft a bill that would change Section 230 to prohibit censorship of a political nature. 

In retaliation to this, Greene responded that Dan Crenshaw, a former NAVY Seal, spent more time attacking the first Republicans of the country because he hated Trump.