Update On The Stimulus Check: Recipients Will Receive An 800-Dollar Direct Payment In One Day

stimulus check

Selected residents of Calif., Palm Springs, will begin receiving $800 per month as part of a guaranteed income scheme on Monday.8-month

Run by nonprofits DAP Health and Queer Works, the program chose 30 participants in March and will start the payment plan on 15th May and would go on for about 18 months. According to QW, participants in this stimulus check initiative will have complete discretion over how they choose to spend their monthly payouts.

More Information Regarding The $800 Stimulus Check

Applicants are required to earn at least $16,600, or 30% of Riverside County’s median income, to be qualified for this stimulus check program. Additionally, candidates had to be regarded as primary citizens of Palm Springs and be a client of DAP Health or Queer Works. 

The deadline for applying to this stimulus check program was March 25. On March 30, the program’s winners were informed of their selection. Additionally, recipients will be expected to take part in research by QW that will involve monthly surveys. Every six months, the program’s data would be available, and the last statement is anticipated in the winter of 2024.

The city of Palm Springs has donated $500,000 to support this scheme, which QW referred to as universal standard income. The scheme is just one of many guaranteed income initiatives running in California. In Sonoma County, receivers of the stimulus check pilot program, who would receive $500 each month, will get their next check on 17th May. In El Monte, a stimulus check paying 125 recipients $500 each month is anticipated to start on 1st June.