Stimulus Checks For Millions Is The Need Of The Hour!

stimulus check
stimulus check

Millions of Americans, who are struggling through the dreadful effects of this pandemic, desperately need stimulus checks to meet their needs. Millions of Americans are on the verge of losing their weekly stimulus checks of $300 along with their employment benefits this week. However, you have to look out whether your state is planning on cutting down on their aid. Many Americans are already struggling because of this pandemic. However, if the stimulus checks stop reaching them, they will most likely slip into poverty. 

Stimulus Checks Will Not Be Sent Out In Many American States From This Month!

The weekly checks of $300 and employment benefits will expire this week. Around four million Americans will not be receiving unemployment money from the federal government anymore. A total of 25 states will be ending their participation inside the Coronavirus pandemic program before the cutoff date of 6th September. On 12th June, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa and Alaska ended their $300/week benefit program. On 19th June, many states like New Hampshire and Idaho are set to follow the footprints of these above-mentioned states. 

Without the stimulus checks, many unemployed American workers and freelancers, hard-hit by this pandemic, will not be able to make ends meet anymore. On 19th June, Americans residing in Wyoming, West Virginia, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Indiana, Idaho, and Alabama will be losing their much-needed payments. 26th June is the official cutoff date inside many American states such as Utah, Texas, South Dakota, South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas. On 17th June, the much-needed unemployment benefits will be ending in Oklahoma and Montana. On 3rd July, all the stimulus checks and jobless benefits will be ending in Tennessee and Maryland. On 10th July, the payments will be stopping in the state of Arizona.