Ron DeSantis’ Contribution Towards The Growing Immigration Crisis

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state of Florida, gave a statement with regard to the contribution of the state towards the immigration crisis of the country under his leadership. It was stated that a number of the law enforcement agencies of the state are set to send personnel to the bordering areas of the country. The region includes the southern borders of Arizona and Texas. The personnel will be providing help to the local authorities of the states. 

Ron DeSantis On The Biden Administration

The 42-year-old Ron DeSantis also brought up the fact that these efforts were taken up as a response to the request that was made by the governors of Arizona and Texas, Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, and Governor Greg Abbot, also a Republican, respectively. They had had all the fellow governors help the states in the crisis by providing the measures of law enforcement that were available. These governors who belong to the Republican party have also criticized the administration of Joe Biden, the acting President of the country. They have stated that the inadequacy of the President and his team has led to a rise in the crimes like human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out on the ongoing crisis and its consequences this Wednesday. He first pointed out the importance of a secure border and stated that it is a subject that impacts the lives of all the citizens of the country. He then claimed that the Democratic administration of President Joe Biden brought an end to the policies that were introduced by Donald Trump, the Republican ex-president of the country. Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that the measures taken up by Trump had curbed the matter of illegal immigration that ensured the safety of the entire country.

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