Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits Of $300 To Be Issued By Arizona

Fourth Stimulus check
Fourth Stimulus check

The Arizona DES and Doug Ducey, Governor announced today that Arizona is among the 1st states across the country to distribute the unemployment benefits containing the additional $300/week to unemployed people of Arizona under the federal Coronavirus relief legislation. The Arizona DES team worked tirelessly for scaling up the capacity and serving a huge number of people in Arizona during the past year, said Doug Ducey, Governor.

Arizona DES To Ensure Everybody Gets Their Unemployment Benefits

Doug stated that Arizona is among the 1st states across the country for distributing the unemployment benefits containing the additional $300/week for the workers who were impacted by the pandemic. He is grateful for the efforts of the Arizona DES for moving quickly and getting the benefits to the Arizonian people in need. These payments are getting issued by the Arizona DES this week with the CAA extending the unemployment federal programs involving the supplemental $300/week in FPUC funds for providing unemployment benefits of a maximum of $540/week to all the eligible Arizonians.

Arizona was the 1st state across the country during September for distributing the unemployment benefits containing $300/week under the Assistance Program For Lost Wages. Unemployed Arizonians got over $800M in extra $300/week payments which were made available by the grant funding of FEMA. Since 2020 March, DES distributed around $12.7 bn in unemployment benefits.

Partially unemployed or unemployed individuals who lost their employment due to the pandemic and are presently receiving the benefits are further eligible for receiving a maximum amount of $540/week which involves the $240 maximum benefit weekly and the $300/week under FPUC. Claimants had no bad experience of any kind of interruptions in the transfer of the payments because of the lapse in time between the President’s signature on the bill and the passing of the bill by Congress.


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