Stimulus Checks Of $2,000 Approved And Sent To Senate

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

On Monday, the House approved giving stimulus checks worth $2,000 to all Americans who have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This newly approved stimulus check is a massive boost in comparison to the present amount of $600 which is being rolled out as part of the relief package which was recently signed by Donald Trump on Sunday evening, making it a law.

This bill was passed with 275-134 votes. Republicans have been flexible with the voting process, leaving it upon the members. Last week, Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader of the House, blocked the consensus request of the Democrats demanding an increase in the stimulus checks to a reasonable $2,000.

A Fair Amount Of Stimulus Check Approved

The process of approval will proceed to the GOP-controlled Senate. Although Senate Republicans might oppose Trump’s demands for an increased stimulus check since they have been complaining about big government spending for the past few months.

Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader of the Senate, stated that the powerful bipartisan vote of the House will proceed to pass the bill in the Senate very quickly in order to provide $2,000 relief checks to Americans. He further added that all Senate Democrats will vote in favor and are willing to approve the bill unless Republicans try to block it.

There is a clear divide between Trump and the congressional Republicans. Republicans have been opposing more government spending while Trump has demanded increased emergency checks.

Trump had initially refused to sign the relief bill offering $600 stimulus checks calling it a ‘disgrace’. This move by Trump was a tight slap on the face of Republicans unwilling to agree and approve a large stimulus package for the past few months.

Eventually, Trump signed the $900 relief package with a $1.4 trillion bill for government spending on Sunday evening.