President Trump Signs Covid Relief Bill On Sunday After Months Of Delay

Trump Signs Covid relief bill
Trump Signs Covid relief bill

After months of delay since the execution of the first round of the Covid relief bill, President Trump has finally signed the $2.3 trillion Coronavirus stimulus package this Sunday turning the long-negotiated bill into a law.

This was a narrow escape from the government shutdown scheduled for December 29th, Tuesday that was supposed to happen if Trump did not sign the Covid relief bill. The temporary spending bill avoids this situation.

The millions of people unemployed or ones that have lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic crisis were the ones who had to suffer the most while the Congress kept negotiating on a second stimulus bill.

Extra Unemployment Benefits To Accompany New Covid Relief Bill

President Trump signs a $900 billion package as Covid-19 relief fund. This fund will be used to aid the long-term unemployed or the jobless, independent contractors or gig-workers who lost their jobs recently. The country is keeping a track of these people with the help of two major unemployment programs. As documented, 12 million people are dependent on government aid currently. They received their final payment last weekend and look forward to a few more weeks of employment benefits.

The documented people are supposed to receive another 11 weeks of unemployment bills. They will also receive an extra $300 of weekly financial boost from the federal reserves through March.

However, Americans argue that if President Trump had signed the bill on Saturday instead of a day later, then the people would have received another payment for the last week of this year. Plus, the $300 federal payment is likely to continue for 10 weeks instead of 11. This is because of issues with delay of authorization and so on.

The Covid relief bill is also not likely to be put into immediate action. It will be weeks before the computers are re-programed and the new aid is released. The months-long delay in the signing of the bill is the reason behind this, reports suggest.