The 2023 NBA Draft Top 100: Whom To Watch, What To Know?


The Champions Challenge serves as a yearly exposure to the forthcoming generation of top prospects participating at college basketball top esteemed blue bloods for spectators and certain NBA managers. Few will ever forget Duke’s rout of Kentucky in 2018 with to Williamson’s twenty-eight points and 7 rebounds, or the Blue Devils’ victory against Michigan State in 2017 thanks to guard Grayson’s thrty-seveni-point outburst.

With much more over hundred 2023 NBA evaluators and managers in attendance, it’s crucial to approach the Champions Classic with such a pinch of salt and not react to what we witnessed at one of collegiate basketball’s greatest stages.

This year, we’re introducing our top-100 talents tool, which contains thorough scouting reports on the majority of players going back to 2018. Check out how our opinions have changed over time, as well as come back often since we’ll be adding blurbs for each of the best players inside the 2023 NBA recruiting class as young comers surely enter the scene. The “best available” option in the NBA draft page of ESPN is where you may find this gadget.

The 2023 NBA Draft Top 100: Things To Know

The early assessments from 2023 NBA scouts out of Durham were anything but encouraging for Filipowski, who arrived at Duke as just a predicted top – ten pick. These comments were not at all unlike from those we read regarding Griffin during the same period last year. Scouts noted that Filipowski appeared to be playing from behind both sides of the court, trying to make wise choices with the ball while getting hammered both within and outside the paint.

In October, I went to a Duke practice and observed many of the same things. He was being pushed by coach Jon Scheyer to play tougher, seize the chances that were offered to them, and improve his ability to smash the wall and remain in front of his guy.