More Stimulus Checks: Portal To Assist Child Tax Credit Payments Is Now Online

stimulus check

The Internal Revenue Service has finally gone online with the new tool that should assist taxpayers to enter new details that will help them avoid the postal service route of getting their stimulus check will delay payments by as much as 6 weeks at times. By updating their banking details, Americans who have not done so till now will receive their stimulus and other payments within 5 days of it being paid by the IRS.

With No Signs Of A 4th Stimulus Check, The Child Tax Credit Payments Will Be A Great Help

The monthly advance payments of the advance against the Child Tax Credit will go out starting July 15. It will continue every month around the same date till the end of 2021. While this will be 50% of the payment, the rest will be paid as a refund against the 2021 tax returns payable next year.

The fresh tool went only as the IRS will now allow people to update bank details, a provision that was not normally allowed in the Get My Payment tool unless you had a stimulus check returned by the postal authorities. Any correction in existing bank details was also not allowed in the previous tool.

Uploading the details will help you to get the Child Tax Credit monthly payments that will be sent starting July 15. Those who do not do so will have to wait for the US postal authorities to deliver a paper check. This could delay your payments by as much as 6 weeks.

The IRS has encouraged people to immediately upload their bank details and get the payment much earlier. Payments through direct bank transfer usually take a maximum of 5 days.

As a taxpayer, you can also check if you are eligible for the Child Tax Credit payments. People can also make changes in their uploaded information that will enable them to receive the second installment of the Child Tax Credit payment in August.

People can also use the portal to change their mode of payment to direct bank deposits from the postal route. Having it routed through the bank is beneficial as it is quicker and safer.

Families who wish to opt out of monthly payments of the Child Tax Credit can do so. They can unenroll in the updated portal. There have been requests to make the new tool to make it accessible over the phone. At present, it can only be accessed over the computer.