Suns Win Against The Warriors


Suns had one of the best games in their season last night. The Phoenix is one of the famous teams in the NBA circuit. Over the years the team has continued to play quality basketball. However, the lack of consistency has always bothered them. This season also has been no different. The team started on a promising note.

However, the performance began going down as the league progressed. The Phoenix seemed to be in a different mood lately. They faced off against the Golden State Warriors in their recent encounters. Warriors are one of the strongest sides in this season. They went into the game as firm favorites. But little did they know about what was waiting for them. 

The Warriors faced a determined Suns. The team came out with all guns blazing. They started the game in flying colors. The Warriors went neck to neck for the initial part of the game. However, they faded out gradually as the match progressed. The Phoenix are on a roll at the moment. They are hinting at an epic comeback. Phoenix has now won seventeen of their matches back to back. Let us learn more about the game in detail below. 

Suns Beat Warriors 104-96

Phoenix Suns are on a roll at the moment. The latest team to face their wrath was the Golden State Warriors. The dominance of the Phoenix defense allowed the Warriors to score only forty-two points. With the best offensive prowess at their disposal, this was all the Warriors could manage. 

Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton stepped up for the Suns. They ensured the victory after the teams were tied at 54-54. Phoenix Suns won without their mainstay, Devin Booker. He had to leave due to an injury in the second half.