Tim Boyd Mayor Of West Texas Resigns Following Refusal To Aid Snow Storm

tim boyd on texas snowstorm
tim boyd on texas snowstorm

Colorado City’s Mayor, Tim Boyd of West Texas, resigned from his seat following a blasphemous post on the social media network Facebook. The post went online on Tuesday. He had then refused to provide help to the citizens there. He called them all “weak.” And then went on a rant by refusing to provide aid during the violent snowstorm for electricity as well as water. He said that the government did not owe anyone anything. 

Tim Boyd mentioned on his Facebook post that nobody has ever owned the public or their family members any favors. He also added that the local government did not have the responsibility to provide support to any citizen in “trying times” such as these. Local affiliates of CBS took screenshots of the post and published them as well. He wrote on there— “sink or swim” that it was their choice. The County and City, with the providers of powers or service providers in any industry, owed the citizens of Texas, Colorado nothing at all. 

Tim Boyd’s Further Statement

On Tuesday, Tim Boyd did not respond to millions of his citizens who were powerless in their houses. The state had been covered in white due to the heavy snowstorm that shattered records— over the weekend and Monday. But simply, the Mayor said that he did not care. The freezing has been tormenting for the town’s people— where police found out a mother and son died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The mayor said that if a family did not have power— they should find another by giving way to a “game plan” to help their families keep warm and stay safe. If the families did not have any water, they should learn to “deal without” water by thinking of something that was “outside the box.” He concluded his statement by saying that only the strong ones will have the chance of survival, but the “weak will perish.”

Following this, Tim Boyd announced that he did not regret his words as he was not the Mayor anymore and asked everyone not to harass him or his family. 

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