Supreme Court Admits Case To Hear Contentious Row Over Abortion Drug

Abortion Drug

The United States Supreme Court has said that it will pursue the case against the Biden administration for its consent to citizens to access the abortion drug, mifepristone.  It would mark the first disagreement involving abortion since conservative judges overturned the 5-decade-old Roe vs. Wade in 2022.  

The case was brought by medical associations and doctors owing allegiance to the Republicans and opposed to abortion. The consequence of the ruling on this case is expected to strongly interfere with abortion rights by restricting access to mifepristone, the drug vital for abortion.

The abortion drug ruling is expected to lead to stronger strictures on how it can be acquired and taken, and who is allowed to prescribe it. A second appeal by the organization asked the Supreme Court to go into the legitimacy of the abortion drug approval in 2000 by the FDA and also a generic variety of the abortion drug was rejected by the court.

Biden Administration Backs FDA Approval Of Abortion Drug

In an earlier ruling, the high court had stepped into the case. That left the accessibility to the abortion drug unrestricted until the Supreme Court had a say in the decision. The case is expected to be decided by end-June. It is expected to have a huge impact across the United States. Even states that allow abortion will be impacted by the nationwide restriction of the abortion drug.

Responding to the apex court’s decision to pursue the case, a spokesperson from the Biden Administration said that the federal administration of Joe Biden will persist in its stance of backing the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. It said that it was effective and safe.

The spokesperson warned that the upholding of the lower court’s ruling by the Supreme Court would threaten the judgment of the FDA, which it termed as independent and scientific. She also said that it would lead to the reimposition of outdated bindings on the availability of safe drugs for abortion. She added that no one should be denied access to the care that they need. It should never happen in the US.