Texas Mask Mandates Supported By The Supreme Court

Mask mandate
Mask mandate

Ken Paxton, the attorney general of the state of Texas, did not want the Texas mask mandates to be executed in the school districts of the state. The attorney general was not alone in his decision. He was accompanied by Greg Abbott, the Governor of the concerned state. Both these political figures were in hopes for the high court to declare the mask mandates to be null and void in the region. The concerned justices dismissed this request. It was done on the basis of a technicality. No ruling was issued on the arguments that took place. 

Texas Mask Mandates For Children

As per the Supreme Court of Texas, every citizen is bound to follow the Texas mask mandates in the school districts. It should also be more inside the classrooms until any further notice. The decision given by the Supreme court came as a victory. Especially for those school districts, counties, and cities, that spoke against their state governor belonging to the Republican Party, who did not want the Texas mask mandates to be applicable in the state. The high court cited one of the provisions according to which the matters were to first be presented to any appellate courts prior to reaching the highest civil court of the state. 

The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, went on to approach the Supreme court to cancel a few restraining orders that were temporary. The said orders were issued by Jan Soifer, the district judge of the state. It was stated that a total of eight school districts as well as Harris County was under the Texas mask mandates that had to be followed. The district judge claimed that governor Greg Abbott had no right to put a ban on the mandates. The mask mandates at the local level are issued keeping in mind the children who have not reached the age to receive their shot of the coronavirus vaccine.