Dr. Oz, Celebrity Surgeon And Best Selling Author, In The Running For Senator From Pennsylvania

Dr. oz
Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz the celebrity heart surgeon has said that he is running for the Senate seat from Pennsylvania as a Republican candidate. Dr. Oz also hosts the Dr. Oz Show and shot to celebrity status on Oprah’s show. Dr. Oz will have the backing of his unsurpassed name recall and wealth.

The race is anticipated to be one of the most competitive political battles and Dr. Oz’s announcement has thrown it wide open. The seat could determine who controls the Senate after the election next year.

Dr. Oz is a resident of New Jersey for a long time and is entering a Republican turf that has a slew of fresh faces eager to snare voters devoted to Trump’s brand of politics, as the candidate loyal to Trump has made an early exit.

Dr. Oz posted a minute-long video on various social media platforms. In it, he projects himself as a champion for healthcare and as a messiah who fought the establishment to bring down the prices of drugs and combat astronomical medical bills.

Dr. Oz Has Adopted Trumps’ Philosophy And Slogan Of ‘America First’

Oz believes the government has mismanaged the COVID crisis. Doctor appealed to Trumps’ voters by adopting his slogan ‘America First’ as his philosophy for governance. He said that as a surgeon he realizes how precious life is.

He said that Pennsylvania needed a conservative leader who would put the nation first. He said that the leader should be able to light a divine spark, fight bravely for freedom and be outspoken.

Oz has let Republican leaders know of his plans. His campaign informed that he has been a resident of Pennsylvania for a year. he has also invested millions in ad campaigns.

Oz has an impressive resume. Besides being among the top surgeon in the US, he is also the author of a New York Times bestseller and an Emmy award winner. He has also founded a non-profit to educate teens about healthy habits.