Kyle Massey In Serious Trouble Due To Immoral Activity Towards A Minor

Kyle Massey
Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey, the former star from the popular channel, Disney, is in serious trouble. He has been charged with committing a felony. The American actor tried to contact a minor with an immoral objective. Along with this, the actor is also facing additional charges for not being present in his hearing.

Kyle Massey’s Activities

The case against Kyle Massey was filed in the US county in Washington state, King County on the 14th of December. The matter originates from the conversation that took place between the accused and the victim on the 1st of December in the year 2018 and on the 31st of January. The victim was just 13 years old then. The actor of the American sitcom, “That’s So Raven,” could not be found at his arraignment that was held this Monday. This could have a serious effect on him like he could get arrested. 

The details of the case of Kyle Massey have been stated in the filing document. It stated that the 29-year-old actor tried to make contact with a person who, according to him, belonged to a minor age group. The purpose behind the contact was completely sexual and immoral. The file also states that he communicated electronically. The mother of the victim submitted the reports stating that her daughter was contacted by Kyle Massey over the social media platform, Snapchat. She said that the content of the message was extremely explicit.

The mother also made it clear that her daughter and the actor were well acquainted since she was 4-years-old. And surprisingly, the accused was also well aware that the girl was a minor. The prosecutors of the case to give their confirmation on the sexual activity carried out by Kyle towards the victim. In the chat, the television personality had invited the victim to move to his place and stay with his partner and him.

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