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gavin newsom

Gavin Newsom Has Plans For The Future

Recently retired Senate Dianne Feinstein, who previously decided to run for reelection in 2024. However, her health didn't permit her. And she resigned before...
chip roy

Chip Roy Made His Opinion Loud And Clear 

Even though in the process he has slammed house speaker Kevin McCarthy. Other fellow members of the Republican party. Chip Roy attacked Kevin McCarthy...

Succession Wrapped On A Successful Note

The Roy siblings had enough fighting and cold war amongst them. However, the succession cast had a blast behind the scenes. They enjoyed every...
stimulus check

How These Stimulus Check Shaped Up In Different States?

May has become the month of financial aid. Stimulus Check, child tax credits, social security, and other forms of aides being provided. The federal...
stimulus check

Stimulus Check Frauds: How To Identify And Prevent Such Scams

The federal government has sent millions of Americans three rounds of stimulus checks and a host of other separate measures that in all gave...