Northern Trust 2021: Tony Finau Picked Up A Win

Northern Trust

Tony Finau had 143 consecutive tournaments since the last time he won and the Northern Trust had made his latest victory even more illustrative. Tony won the tournament at Liberty National Golf Club and took down the hottest golfer in the world.

Finau had last won the Puerto Rico Open with a 1-hole playoff win over Smith. He fired a 65, in the final round. Jon Rahm, the best in the world, dropped to 18 under and lost the tournament. 

Finau feels like a different player right now. He feels like he is better now and has earned his prize. 

The next tournament will be the BMW Championship. Tony has won 13 2nd and 3rd places over the years since he started in 2016. 

The Other Players Did Well In The Northern Trust

Cameron Smith came second and was playing terrific. He was upended by a bad swing in the playoff. He shot a 60 on Saturday and felt like he could have done better. Over the last 13 holes, he lost a stroke and a half with his putter. 

Jon Rahm was leading the PGA Tour for 4 and a half days straight but did not end up winning it. He was magnificent and led from tee to the greens. The last 5 holes saw him hitting loose shots and his putter had let him down on the last day. He had made 15/18 putts from three feet and could not complete a putt from 5 feet away.

Jordan Spieth ended up 73rd in the Northern Trust and it was not a surprise for anybody. He opened with 72 and shot 62 in R2. He made eagles in consecutive holes, in that round. R3 saw him shoot a 72 which was followed by a 79 in the last round. 

He was bad from tee to the greens and expects a bounce-back at the BMW Championship. 

Tony Finau wants to keep his momentum up after winning the Northern Trust 2021 and looks at the upcoming tournaments with great positivity.