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defense bill

$768B Defense Bill Pushed Through The Finish Line: Bipartisan Eruption Wins The Day

Despite GOP opposition over the inclusion of women in the draft, the House passed the $768 Billion Defense Bill voting 316-113 in favor after...
january 6 subpoenas

First Round Of January 6 Subpoenas Go To Close Aides Of Donald Trump

Several Trump advisors are part of the first round of January 6 subpoenas including Steve Bannon. The Congressional Committee that is investigating the attempted...
Daniel Foote

Daniel Foote Has Resigned As Special Envoy

The special envoy from the USA to the island nation of Haiti, Daniel Foote, recently submitted his resignation to the Secretary of State. His...
Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson Has Accused Wilt Chamberlain Of Sexual Assault

Cassandra Peterson has come out for the first time about a sexual assault that she faced at the hands of Late Wilt Chamberlain. In...
Booster shots for those 75+ is a 'no-brainer': Dr. Howard Forman, Yale Radiology

Booster shots for those 75+ is a ‘no-brainer’: Dr. Howard Forman, Yale Radiology

Dr. Howard Forman, Yale Radiology and Public Health Professor joins Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani and the Yahoo Finance Live panel with the latest COVD-19...