Apple iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S10e

samsung galaxy s10e
samsung galaxy s10e

iPhone SE 2020 is a budget model coming out from the premium company, Apple. Along with that, Apple’s Android competitor, Samsung, has come forth with its budget phone as well: Samsung Galaxy S10e. Let’s see how they compare in the smartphone industry:

Operating System

The basic difference between the iPhone SE 2020 and Samsung Galaxy S10e is the operating system. Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with Android while Apple iPhone SE 2020 arrives with iOS. iOS is more secure and durable than Android but Android comes with better updates. Much of the OS argument depends on personal use.


Apple iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 4.7-inch screen while Samsung Galaxy S10e has a display size of 5.8 inches. It is clear that Samsung wins this side of the battle.


When it comes to the camera, Apple iPhone SE 2020 again stays back with its 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP Front camera. Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with a 10 MP front camera and a 16 MP rear camera.


From a performance end, Apple wins the fight as it comes with the Apple A13 Bionic which is quite amazing. Though Samsung Galaxy S10e arrives with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which tries to catch up with the A13 Bionic Chip, it still fails to beat Apple A13 Bionic chip in a significant way.