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Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check 2022: States Provide More EIPs

Families in the US are struggling due to rising costs, but some governments are stepping in with Stimulus Checks. On July 21, the administration of...
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check 2022: Will The Government Send More?

Despite the US government's thinking of presenting another package, there does not seem to be a high probability that there will be another round...
Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema Now Starts Acting Up After Biden Manages To Convince Manchin

With Joe Manchin having had his day under the Senate sun for some time now, it is now the turn of the second recalcitrant...
DOJ Probe

Recent DOJ Probe Subpoenas Indicate Trump Could Be Ultimate Target

The probe into the January 6 insurrection has taken a significant turn with the DOJ probe indicating that it could turn out very bad...
NATO Membership

Senate Ratifies NATO Membership For Finland And Sweden: 23rd Member To Approve Inclusion

The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Sweden and Finland joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making America the 23rd state of...