Love Hard Make A Positive Beginning

Love Hard
Love Hard

Love Hard has been a long-awaited release. Fans have been waiting for its release for a long time. The wait has finally come to an end. The romantic comedy has been launched. Fans and critics were quick to shower in with their understanding of the movie. However, one needs to look closely at the film in order to provide an honest review. The cast of the film is a promising one. A lot is expected from the film. Hernan Gimenez’s direction is regarded highly by critics. Thus, the buzz around the movie is expected. 

Love Hard cast includes a series of promising stars in the line. The likes of Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet, Jimmy O. Yang are hyped up to a great extent. Audiences are particularly excited about Nina Dobrev. She was shot to fame for her stint in the “Vampire Diaries”. A lot of audiences are very much pleased to see the actress back once again. Let us dive in for a more detailed analysis of Love Hard below. 

Love Hard Review 

The lovey-dovey movie for the holidays is here! Netflix‘s Love Hard is just the kind of movie you need to cheer you up. The critics were quick to express their opinion and everyone seemed to have loved it. The plot centers around Natalie Bauer who is very much deprived of luck. She is portrayed to have fallen for a random person with whom she talks via an app. 

The romance brews up and Natalie decides to fly 3000 miles to surprise him. Unfortunately, after reaching the East, she finds out that she has been duped. One thing led to another, and soon the whole thing got messed up. The movie stresses the growing uncertainties of online relationships. Love Hard was released on the 5th of November.