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Judy Garland

Minnesota Singer Sings In Style Of Judy Garland: A Heartfelt Tribute

Just the name of Judy Garland conjures a picture of the innocent pig-tailed child from The Wizard of OZ, Dorothy Gale, whose 'troubles melt...
COVID-19 Testing

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing Eases Out In The US

The US will discontinue pre-flight COVID-19 testing requirements for fliers. In 2021, America was obligated to present a test clearance for passengers arriving in...
January 6

January 6: The Dread Of Similar Incidents

Even as the House Select Committee looking into the riots on January 6 announced its 1st public hearing on June 9, Americans are concerned...
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Update- Payments For The Summer

Hundreds of thousands of American citizens would be expecting to receive the stimulus check payments in the summer with the government in the country...
Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko Keeps Her UFC Belt For The 6th Time

Valentina Shevchenko was stretched to her limits at UFC 275, but she emerged victorious in a hard-fought fight with Taila Santos. Through all five rounds,...