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Baker Mayfield

Top News in Sports for January

January 2023 has been a month filled with exciting sports news, from record-breaking performances to major announcements and near-tragedies. If you’ve missed anything, fear...
Stimulus Check

Are You Eligible For The New Stimulus Check Payment That California Will Be Passing?

There are no longer any stimulus checks offered. One such measure is implementing state stimulus checks. The economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are still...
Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Check 2023: Are You Still Eligible For Another STimulus Check?

Stimulus Checks seem unlikely. It's been almost three years since the shutdown of the American economy. Even though many of us had personal connections...
Manchester United

Manchester United Holds On To A 2-1 Lead Against Palace Even As Casemiro Is...

In a match marked by the players of both teams getting involved in a total free-for-all, Manchester United managed to hold on to their...
Parental Rights

Parental Rights New Mantra For Republican Candidates: Trump And DeSantis Jump Onto The Bandwagon

GOP candidates have taken parental rights to heart in their campaigns with candidates such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis going to ridiculous lengths. His...