The Matrix Series Sunglasses: Ranked And Remembered


The franchise of The Matrix series is magnanimous. They have immortal visual images and one of them is sunglasses. Let’s rank them: 

Matrix and Its Various Glass Varieties

  1. Switch 

These striking sunglasses are white instead of the normal black makes them special. But this pair of glasses shows nothing of style and power. 

  1. Choi’s Friend 

This strange-looking friend of Choi is seen selling a disk with codes. He wears these goggle shades that give a ‘90s vibe and are not in fashion. However, this guy is not seen ever. 

  1. Niobe 

Niobe is an important character but her sunglasses are hideous. She is wearing angled lenses with a weird gap distancing from the rims. Maybe the designers were sleeping! 

  1. Cypher 

Cypher is a traitor and his sunglasses are as ugly. These rectangular, maroon-tinted shades have rounded inside are horrible. 

  1. Twins 

The Merovingian twins are unsettling to look at and so are their glasses. These rectangular sunglasses are totally out of fashion. 

  1. Goons 

These goons of Merovingian wear oval lenses with black-colored plastic frames that are the worst thing ever. 

  1. Apoc 

Apoc wears another pair of dated shades with round-shaped plastic frames with rectangular lenses. 

  1. Berg 

These sunglasses are just normal and don’t deserve much mention 

  1. Trinity 

All of Trinity’s sunglasses in Matrix are iconic just like her. Her oval lenses with a slightly angled frame are an inspiring look. 

  1. Mouse 

Although Mouse is only seen once on the Matrix scene, his shades are pretty wearable. 

  1. Ghost 

The ghost wears greatly rounded and sleek sunglasses that are eye-catching. 

  1. Smith 

He wears a stylish pair of ‘McCartney’ glasses. 

  1. Lexy 

These sunglasses are an upturned version of Niobe’s and look very feminine. 

  1. Agents 

Customized, wire-rimmed sunglasses that make the wearer distinguishable. 

  1. Bugs 

Blue-circular lenses with crossbars seem in vogue. 

  1. Modal Morpheus 

This iconic character wears black-circular eyewear that is a classic. 

  1. Smith 

He wears cool rectangular-octagonal glasses. 

  1. Neo 

His trademark sunglasses are a statement. 

  1. Seraph 

These circle-framed glasses with steel bars have a vibe. 

  1. Morpheus 

These spunky nose-clinging shades are immortal. 

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