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Threatening Behavior From Arizona, Made Bill Gates Rethink His Choice

Bill Gates was threatened twice running for election in Maricopa County in Arizona. He perhaps mismanaged in the 2022 midterms. And before that in...
melissa mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy Couldn’t Stop Living The Little Mermaid

She has got herself so much deep into the little mermaid, she wants a sequel to them. Melissa McCarthy was interviewed by Javier Bardem....
social security

Social Security Has Become A Matter Of Concern

There is a shortage in the cash flow currently. Given the country is facing a debt situation. Which is about to end on 5th...
amber heard

Amber Heard Silenced Rumor With Her Witty Reply

After losing the defamation case last June against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Amber Heard moved to Spain. Her haters commented how she went under...
tom hanks

Tom Hanks Keeping It Raw With Fans

He, as an Oscar-winning actor, admits there are films that he completely hated. Tom Hanks didn't step back to keep it real. His honesty...