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Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan’s Emotions Flow While Remembering Coolio

Recently Montell Jordan lost his long-time friend the rapper, Coolio. He got emotional when asked about Coolio. They performed onstage together. Montell Jordan is still...
heather gay

Heather Gay Is With Jen Shah

'Real Housewives of salt lake city' stars Heather Gay will keep supporting Jen Shah even after everything. Jen Shah has been charged with multiple...
Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards Is Shaken To The Core

On Tuesday 27th September, Perrie Edwards's house was robbed while they were still inside. Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain were downstairs when the...
louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About His Feud With Zayn Malik

One Direction singer split 7 years ago, just after Zayn left the band. The band took a break, and they are still on a...
Online Learning Site

How to design an innovative learning environment within the workplace

Collaboration, innovation and constant learning are paramount in today’s workplace. An effective learning environment creates a culture of continuous growth for employees. Looking into...