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Stimulus Check

The Unanswered Questions Regarding Stimulus Check, Finally Being Answered

Many residents asked if the stimulus check they were being paid by the IRS were taxable at all, well many theories speculated. But none...
leonardo dicaprio

 Leonardo DiCaprio Always Becomes Patsy

Jack’s portrayal has always been the best of Leonardo DiCaprio.Jack has set the bar for being the most innocent guy who falls with an...
marty walsh

Marty Walsh Retiring From Biden Administration

He has been the stable and trustworthy labor secretary in Joe Biden’s administration. Marty Walsh is going to leave the administration soon. And this...
george santos

Congress Denied George Santos’s Membership At The House

One thing cooled down with George Santos's name on it, another pops up. And he is struck in a loop of all kinds of...
joe rogan

Joe Rogan Misused His Platform

He clearly has triggered the Jewish people with antisemitic comments in his recent podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently had Krystal Ball and...