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Lizzo Utilized The Platform To Voice Her Concern

Lizzo was born and brought up in Houston, and everything little thing about Houston bothers her as much as other activists. Lizzo has always...

One Surprising Takeaway Of The Midterms Is That Every Senate Incumbent Won

All incumbents in the US Senate pursuing re-election in America have won their contests. It has been a historical midterm for the incumbents running...
Supreme Court

Donald Trump Transformed Supreme Court Despite Single Term

 Despite just 4 years in office, Trump brought about sweeping changes in the American Supreme Court, appointing three Justices with allegiance to the Republican...
stimulus check

Stimulus Check Update: 2023 Will See Lower Tax Refunds

Millions of Americans have received stimulus payments over the past two years to help them fulfill their financial responsibilities. Fewer tax refunds will be...
Trump Mar-a-Lago Trump Immunity

Trump Immunity Plea Considered By The Federal Court

Even if Donald Trump had pushed his fans to "tear Congress down" while in office, his attorney claimed that presidential immunity would shield him...