Gina Raimondo Has Announced A Deal With Her British Counterpart On Steel

gina raimondo
gina raimondo

Gina Raimondo and her British counterpart came to an agreement on Tuesday where they pushed for permits that would allow historically based UK products to be imported into the United States. The US Secretary of Commerce mentioned that the day had quite a historic deal signed which was simply a testament to the ambitious goal that both the countries had. This would also benefit the steel and aluminum industries and workers by protecting manufacturing as well as the consumers by easing up the inflationary pressures in the country. 

Gina Raimondo Agrees To Trade Deal With UK

The announcement from Gina Raimondo also requires that any steel company in the United Kingdom with Chinese ownership had to be audited in order to assess how much influence the Chinese government had on the company. It would also be doing away with retaliatory tariffs on over $500 million worth of US exports to the United Kingdom. This would include staple products of American origin such as Levi Strauss jeans, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bourbon whiskey, and the like. 

Gina Raimondo claimed that by allowing for a flow of duty-free aluminum and steel from the United Kingdom, the country would be easing up the gap between supply and demand for these products in the country even further. And through the removal of the retaliatory tariffs of the United Kingdom, they would also be opening up the British market to beloved American products. 

Along with Gina Raimondo, Katherine Tai– the Trade Representative of the United States stated that the agreement would be delivering on the vision of President Biden to repair most of the relationships that the country had with its allies. Raimondo had previously informed most of the reporters that she had been getting quite close to finding a solution to end the four-year dispute that started with former President Donald Trump.