The Five Most Important Lessons Out From Letitia James v. Trump Litigation

Letitia James

Donald Trump‘s practises of business have been the subject of a three and half year inquiry, but they recently made headlines when Attorney General from New York Letitia James launched a suit alleging Donald Trump of a staggering spectrum of deception in his realty enterprise.

Trump has one advantage that being It was merely a civil lawsuit, not a penal one. But Letitia James is requesting severe punishments for his lawsuit like a five-year prohibition on Trump purchasing commercial properties in New York nor requesting loans, as well as a lifetime ban on Donald Trump and 3 eldest children of him holding executive positions in any New York-based companies.

The lawsuit also aims to have Trump, his children, and his company forfeit $250 million, which the plaintiff claims was acquired via egregious deception that lasted for more than 10 years.

Interesting Takeaways From The Letitia James Vs. Trum Litigation:

Legal experts are already arguing the suit’s specifics and determining whether it would withstand scrutiny in court. Although Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. of Manhattan District declined to pursue criminal charges for similar conduct, her civil lawsuit could succeed.

For starters, unlike a criminal proceeding, Leitia James only needs to demonstrate Trump’s actions were dishonest or unlawful by a majority of evidence, rather more than a possible doubt. Letitia James might well be successful if it appears more probable than it does that Trump was aware of misleading appraisals or gave orders to subordinate to exaggerate both income and assets.

Trump may also suffer as a result of his frequent Fifth Amendment assertions, that might be used against himself in the lawsuit.

However, there’s a strong probability that the AG’s lawsuit’s genuine legal merits won’t ever be called into question in court. There are compelling reasons for both parties to resolve the dispute. Given that the harsh punishments James is requesting might essentially be a death sentence for the economic dynasty, Donald Trump appears to have a much greater motive to reach a settlement.