Tim Tebow’s Expected Jaguars Deal Confused Dez Bryant

tim tebow
Tim Tebow

Dez Bryant has a first-hand experience of the difficulties of finding employment in the NFL as a player. As such, the rumored move of Tim Tebow returning to the league after almost nine years is just too easy for Bryant to believe.

Tim Tebow After A Decade

The disbelief comes from a reputed career and a long-time association with the sport. Dez Bryant had been a veteran receiver for the Dallas Cowboys for the first eight years of his career. He was among the best to play in that position. He had earned 3 berths in the Pro Bowl and 1 nomination for the All-Pro. At only 29, he was out of a job.

Bryant was released by Dallas in 2018, April. It took until November for him to find another team. By the time the Saints picked him up from a sparse free-agent market, half of 2018 was already over. Unfortunately, he could not even start on that chance because of a practice injury where he ruptured the Achilles tendon.

The Ravens let him play next but that was the ninth week in 2020. By then, he had missed almost 2 complete seasons. Currently, Bryant is on the free-agent market again at 32, hoping that some team will give the former Pro-Bowler another chance.

As such, when news broke about Tim Tebow agreeing to play for the Jaguars under Urban Meyers, the new coach, Bryant was very confused. Nine years ago, his NFL career had failed miserably. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars are rumored to be giving the former QB a contract for one year. This time he will be signed for the tight end position.

33-year-old Tim Tebow has won two championships for colleges. However, questions remain over his performance in a very brutal and competitive sport after so long, that too in a new position.