Talks Of Ethereum Merger After June: Develop Says In Final Chapter


Ethereum merger will not be in June as expected earlier but should happen a few months later, according to one of its leading software developers. Tim Beiko, a computer scientist who coordinated with the developers of Ethereum tweeted that the much-awaited technical advancement referred to as the Merge is likely to be completed several months later.

We now have a likely timeline for this merger even as Ethereum crossed another major hurdle on Tuesday. The developers of the network successfully introduced a mainnet shadow fork that helped test the latest software for stress.

Tim Beiko said that the developers were certainly in the finishing stretch of Proof-of-Work on Ethereum. He was speaking of the way transactions are conducted on Ethereum.

Ethereum Plan To Transition To PoS Has Sparked Debate Among Enthusiasts

This Merge will allow blockchains to make a paradigm shift from the consensus mechanism that is Pow, which is dependent on energy-intensive special computers that secure the network and validate transactions, to PoS.

PoS allows stakers or holders of ETH to function as the validators in performing these tasks.

Beiko said that he would expect the Merge to happen this fall but did not release a more precise timeline. ETH went one up on Bitcoin this March as a test from the upgrade was successful on March 15. He has not responded to the request for more clarity.

The Merge is aimed at supporting the network to function more professionally and drastically reduce its carbon footprint. It has faced numerous delays from its inception.

Several ETH miners who have leveraged special computers including graphics cards that have been repurposed, and machines with integrated chips that are application-specific, to get backings in Ethereum from the blockchain and secure the network are hoping for another interruption enabling them to profit from the mining operations for a longer time.

Ether rose around 2% on Wednesday to touch $3,000. It slumped by around 18% in 2022, while Bitcoin has seen a decrease of 14%.

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