Americans Make A Tally Of The Stimulus Check Payments Received

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The tax season 2022 has started some way back and is less than a month away from the last date on April 18. With several stimulus payments tied up to these returns, Americans are turning back to check up on the payments they have received starting with the third stimulus check.

Adding up the total amount received over the past year can be easily done either through mail on online. The IRS tool, Get My Payment, was a convenient option, but it no longer remains so. The authorities have dispatched all pending checks, and if you feel that they owe you one, you can apply for it by claiming it through the Recovery Rebate Credit against your 2022 income tax returns.

Tallying Up Your Stimulus Check Payments

To get an exact figure of how much the administration owes you by way of stimulus payments, you need to first check the stimulus checks you have received starting the third stimulus check after March 2021. This you can do with your account online on the official website of the IRS.

You will get details of the three stimulus checks. Payment details will be under the EIP info tab, contained on the page of Tax Records.

You can also view your history of stimulus payments but serially go through the letters mailed by the tax authorities, with details of your stimulus check payments.

Notice 1444 and 1444B contained details of the first two stimulus checks sent in 2020. Notice 1444C came along with the 2021 stimulus check, the third Economic Impact Payment.

In addition to this Letter, 6475 was sent ahead of the tax submission period. This letter gave information to taxpayers on the amount that they were entitled to claim a tax refund.

The most important date to remember this tax season is the deadline, which is on April 18, 2022. If you have applied for a six-month extension, the deadline to file your 2021 tax return will be October 17. You would have to check with the tax agency of your state to determine when your state tax returns are due.