Virginia Governor Race Sees The Conclusion Of First Round Debate

Virginia Governor Race

Virginia Governor Race debate for the first round had been conducted. Terry McAuliffe & Glenn Youngkin were Democratic and Republican officials. Both of them met with each other on Thursday. They appeared for the first general election debate in Virginia. McAuliffe has been a Democrat for a long time. He has worked hard to raise important funds for the party. Youngkin, on the contrary, is relatively new to politics. He was an executive of business formerly. The debate was a mouth-watering exchange between the two. Let us take a closer look at what happened in the first round of debate. 

Virginia Governor Race Debate Intensifies 

The central topic of discussion between McAuliffe and Youngkin was vaccination. They fought among themselves various ideas about effective vaccination drives. Youngkin made an effort to clarify to the supporters of Donald Trump that the election was fairly done. Trump had earlier stated that the Presidential elections were tampered with. 

The anchor of the debate asked Youngkin whether he agreed to Trump’s allegations. He strongly denied it and said that the Democrats need not cheat. Youngkin was confident that he would win the elections fairly. 

An intriguing debate followed that focused on the issue of abolishing qualified immunity. Both the politicians stated that they will not be tampering with the Virginia Policy. However, this was not what McAuliffe said previously. He had earlier expressed his wish to make changes to the state policy. 

The Virginia Governor Race debate saw Youngkin make some promises. He stated that once in power, he would ensure proper service to customers. Youngkin referred to the two most complained aspects in Virginia- Virginia Employment Commission & Department of Motor Vehicles. McAuliffe pressed for a cleaner Virginia environment by the year 2035. He gave his statement in favor of the Virginia Clean Economy Act. 

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