IRS Says Second Stimulus Check Wait Is Over; But Still No Way To Confirm Payment Status

stimulus check
stimulus check

The IRS claims that the $600 stimulus payments have begun but Americans continue to struggle as there is no way to confirm one’s payment status till now.

Millions of Americans enrolled under the unemployment scheme or ones who are eligible for receiving the second coronavirus stimulus checks had a moment of relief when President Trump signed the temporary second relief bill last month.

The agency posted a statement last Tuesday saying that individuals who are eligible for the $600 payments have started to receive their deposits via direct deposit process but many Americans are left to wonder when these payments are going to come to their personal accounts. This confusion wraps the States as the agency’s website where one can check their payment status is still offline.

IRS’ “Get My Payment” Website Continues To Be Out Of Order

The revenue service agency further claimed that they have started to send paper checks to individuals who do not have their bank account details registered under the IRS since the 30th of December. But the claimed timeline does not match what struggling Americans have to say about receiving their second stimulus check payments.

The second round of relief payments begins in a rocky circumstance. During the roll out of the first Covid-19 economic relief bill, known as the CARES Act, the public had also faced delay in payments for a number of situations like in case of those individuals who did not have their bank accounts linked with the IRS or discrepancy in the registration of the social security number and so on.

Jackson Hewitt, officer-in-chief of tax information announced that the process of the roll-out will be the same as it was during the first round. The issue however, is that the “Get My Payment” website is currently unavailable. Plus, the IRS failed to mention a particular date when it will be operational again.